Is an Integral Network a “nation”? Is nationalism a valid concept in the 21st Century?

There is little argument that the concept of a “nation” has its origins in ancient tribalism. A nation is always associated with a physical territory, and is nearly always formed upon ethnic/racial lines.

Yet, today, the nations of the world adhere to neither conceptually nor racially based forms of collectivism.

Today, “nation” has real meaning only in the territorial sense. Beyond that, it has only a perfunctory meaning, as the past tribal or cultural basis of nations has essentially deteriorated.

The modern nation is nothing more than a territorial legal structure, enforcing an economic engine, coupled with varied means of defending that engine. Furthermore, nearly all so-called “nations” are subsumed by a pervasive globalist economic order, the demigod to which they pay ultimate obeisance.

The Integral Network Concept

An Integral Network is not a public, political, religious, or economic group. Integral Organization is not intended to engage with (or challenge) the system of “nations”, nor does it ultimately intend to form a nation. It is not a territorial scheme, it is not concerned with holding or occupying a certain region.

Rather, the Integral Network concept is intended to provide an alternate form of mutual cooperation, one that intends to bypass the nation system through the means of privately recognized Integral Nodes. It is a communication Network, and a means for providing mutual assistance to those who have similar interests.

“Go Around, Not Through”

In this sense, an Integral Network is a “parallel institution”, linking individuals (through “private association with a structure”) with similar interests. The Purpose of such a network could be virtually anything that its Founders wish to Organize a group around.

Ideally, the members of a functional Network would employ some medium of exchange within the network. This is not money, per se, but a means to determine influence, facilitate favors/gifts, and participate in barter/private exchange. It never touches the globalist/fiat economy.

Consensus is Dead, Long Live Consensus

We live in a world defined by information and instantaneous communication. It’s time to start acting like it, and to begin building up Integral Networks as a bulwark against atomization, disempowerment, and division.

We also must recognize the profound danger of the globalist system, for it is ultimately incoherent, self-destructive, and out of control. To the extent possible, we must mitigate the dangers of this system. We must do this not by opposing it, we must instead withdraw participation and consent to the maximum extent possible.

The Solution to the Maze

It is time to stop taking the circus seriously, and begin forging something entirely different. The basis of Integral Organization allows for groups who have wildly dissimilar interests to cooperate through built-in negotiation systems.

Furthermore, the Integral Network concept is based in the Essential Aspects, the binary basis of Natural Law, the ultimate heart of Nature itself. It is not founded in arbitrary concepts like “freedom vs slavery”, “equality vs dictatorship”, “progress vs regression, or “growth vs stagnation”.

We have been fractured internally and externally, brainwashed and tormented by the artificial state of affairs we endure daily. Is it any wonder that cooperation comes only in the form of state-sanctioned “assistance”?

The ultimate question in the establishment of Integral Networks is to ask whether there is currently any group who can muster sufficient consensus to establish one.

If sufficent numbers can agree with the basic Integralist principles, then maybe there is some hope of attaining this goal.