Human beings find beauty in Natural phenomena. Generally, we implicitly recognize the “rightness” of Nature and its expressions, despite any reservations we may have about our individual experience, or our place in the Natural order. We even go so far as to apply the labels “artificial” or “unnatural” to any phenomena that we believe conflicts with or diminishes this Natural beauty.

But what exactly is Nature, and what role does it play in Integralism?

To understand Nature, we must ask, whose Nature is it?

It is the Nature of Divinity, as expressed through Divine Essence, this being the impulse of Divinity towards existence. Nature proceeds from Essence, for it is the process of Essential modulation: the paradoxical method through which Energy is manifested.

Nature is the foundry of Energy at the very heart of the Cosmos, the incubator of universes. Nature is the origin of all life, all relative sentience, of all the phenomena that exist.

The Cosmos is eternal. Within it, entire universes form and disappear, countless living beings live and die, yet the continuum of Energy that informs those universes endures, shifting and changing endlessly.

Nature has no beginning or end, yet all phenomena manifested through the Natural process will eventually cease to exist – for Energy must flow and shift, attracted and repulsed by complementary and opposing Energetic expressions, maintaining motion in order to sustain the Cosmos.

This Cosmic continuum possesses an inherent self-consistency, revealing implicit tendencies that appear within all of the forms that we perceive in our universe.

These Essential Aspects may also be called the Natural Aspects. They form the heart of the Natural process, and can be described as subtle attractor fields informing the entirety of the Cosmos, endlessly tracing the outline of Essence so it may be revealed & realized.

In modulation, Essence appears to divide into a pair of polar, yet complementary opposites, principles that then become mixed or blended together in varying proportions. Energy is the result of the “coloration” of Awareness (remember that Awareness itself is identical with Essence) resulting from this process.

The Energy that is generated through Nature is Essence itself, conditioned to assume various distinct properties, thereby allowing for the objectification of Awareness into countless forms.

The continuum of Energy occurs within Essence, everything manifested through Nature is Essence objectified; Awareness lends substance to Energy. Because of the essential identity of Nature with Essence, all Energy is characterized by certain properties that are inherent to Essence, but that are unified within Essence itself.

Despite all appearances to the contrary, there is never any actual division of Essence. The Natural process occurs within Essence itself, without truly affecting it in any way. Nature is a sort of sleight-of-hand, being akin to a Cosmic conjurer’s trick performed by Essence itself, a performance with profound implications.

The question sometimes arises: “Why must Divinity manifest Essence & Nature?” Essence provides the sense of “beingness” or “existing”: the very basis of the Cosmic process.

Through Nature, a mirror is forged in which Essence may come to perceive itself, at first dimly, and at last clearly. Nature modulates Essence, providing the “mirror of mystery” through which Essence may reflect upon itself, eventually recognizing that which cannot be known directly as a percept: Itself.

Centered in Essence, in full Awareness, it is then possible to take the leap into the utterly inconceivable truth of unfettered Divinity.