Lost threads of a distant fate
A counterweight to what we await
In the halls of the labyrinth we search
For the pattern and meaning of our births

“Awake!” The sovereign savior decrees
All the sentient beings must be freed
Asleep, the ubiquitous masses take heed
Only to be forced into slumber by incessant need

The vista beyond the labyrinthine walls
The elegant pattern which constantly calls
To itinerant wanderers, near, far and wide
To the sparks of Divinity lost inside

This web, a prison whose walls are alive
With clever awareness which always decides
To obscure the exit when you arrive
To string you along and ensure that you strive

Until you realize that your compass and map
Are counterfeit, an intricate trap
Your spyglass is fractured, imperfect and dumb
The markers on the path only poison breadcrumbs

To lead you deeper and deeper within
The skein of despair, deceit and then
To rob you of the fabulous treasure you keep
The Soul of the savior, inside you, asleep

Take heart, for there is a wise and true guide
To the lodestone within, you may always confide
It can always be trusted to show you the way
If you only can listen to what it has to say