Beyond the bounds of consensus
There are no user guides or how-tos
There are no maps or road signs
There are no support groups to hold you up

Any relevant references must be questioned at their very foundations
There are no experts to validate or fact-check your work
When you make a mistake, there is no one to correct it
When you are correct, there is no one to tell you so

It is likely that others will think you are crazy
It is likely that others will believe that you are wasting your time
If you fail, no one will notice
If you succeed, it is only through a total commitment

A pioneer is guided by some star in the heavens
dedicated only to that necessary journey
it is not a comfort, but a duty
it is not desire, but a need

Who can say whether it was worth it?
This really does not matter,
for a pioneer has no choice
but to violate the boundaries of the known