I shall henceforth reveal
the true secrets of divine alchemy.

The furnace of perfection
is the human habitation.
For without imperfection,
perfection is impossible.

The letters inscribed on the page
allow the paper to be known;
the seeming flaws of incarnation
are necessary indicators of integrity.

The four that are one
are the very roads to the palace of infinity.
Yet even that hallowed residence
is but a mirror of divine actuality.

Seek not your fortune in the treasures of the world,
for these are but the garments of a shadow.
The attainment of immortality is not to be found
in the ephemera of this shadowy ground.

Neither cherish the actions of the mind,
for its turning ’round shall ever leave you blind.
Instead look inward for reason’s source,
a subtlety more solid than any other force.

The body too, though temple true,
ought not be worshiped beyond its due.
For this agile form, though timely born,
has destiny apart from you.

The intellect beyond the mind,
penetrating and sublime,
this too is chimera,
though enduring and beautiful.

Even the shining essence of pure agency,
that identity that transcends time,
lending substance and experience,
is but a sordid reflection of the divine.

All ownership may be claimed by you,
yet such documents are of little import.
To serve the everlasting truth,
abdicate the throne you inhabit.

The void is full, and the cosmos is empty.
Understand this gnosis, and your path is clear.
The true reality is beyond every “I”.
Being such, it need not define itself.

Forever untouched by sordidity,
although effluvient beyond propriety,
this mystery, this majesty
is absolutely available, immediately!

In ignorance it cannot contact thee,
absorbed as you are in identity.
Four roads lead inward, homeward,
and the heart reflects eternity.

Nowhere in the wide world is wisdom found.
Never once has it been identified.
This does not mean that it is not near,
it abides each breath, suffers every heartbeat.

You must become the mystery that you are,
if you wish to know surcease of suffering.
Begin by looking inward for the state of unknowing.
Let silence guide you to perplexity.

To feign understanding in a mechanical way,
is to deny the circumference of a boundless sea.
Knowing is fine for the things that are seen,
but for Reality, uncertainty is the key.

Objects are known, but the subject is not,
likewise untie your Self from vanity’s knot.
What does the King do with royal liberty?
Answer this question and you shall be free.

Alchemy is the science by which this is known,
it is the study of all that has grown,
through a logic that strains credulity,
proudly proclaiming, THIS IS ME!

It is forever performing miracles within all things,
to the consternation of purveyors of phantasy,
those who choose to define life as slavery,
and endeavor to widely share this poverty.

Join not that cult of inequity,
or suffer the dire penalty
of recognizing your error when all is lost,
and regret can no longer assist you.

Instead rejoice, for now is the kingdom,
though known to no nation,
which redeems joy from suffering,
in proportion such that this investment is well met, indeed!

Four roads lead inward, homeward,
and the heart reflects eternity,
this mystery, this majesty
is absolutely available, immediately!