Awareness is the very medium through which we have any experience, understanding, and expression.

Considering this, understanding Awareness itself is of crucial importance, for this understanding provides the key context which provides the ability to truly understand other matters.

To proceed from a strictly material basis is to take the cart before the horse, to neglect the fundamentals in favor of the superfluous.

Integralism is founded in the observation that Awareness, being Divine Essence itself, is more fundamental than Nature itself – yet this Awareness is nascent, undefined, until it reflects upon the constructs of Nature.

As byproducts of that process, human beings would be wise to seek out its root, and the Essence ultimately responsible for its manifestation. In order to do this, we must first break free of the chains that anchor our Cognition, forcing it to retain a static, inflexible form.

Cognition is the outgrowth of the Natural process as it meets the limitless Awareness – Awareness harnessed, channeled, focused, to the exclusion of all that is contrary to its specific modality.

For human beings, understanding Cognition means defining Body, Life, and Mind, then recognizing those principles as the underpinnings of human experience. It is to take the countless experiences, and consolidate them first under Body, Life, and Mind, and thereafter under the banner of Cognition itself, in preparation for the leap into genuine Consciousness.

Consciousness is unchained Awareness, Awareness of Nature itself in its substantive (rather than interpreted) form. It is not merely the material form of the Body, it is not merely the movement of the Life force, nor is it only the ideas or concepts of the Mind. It is BEYOND these things, yet they are included in it.

Beyond this is the recognition of Awareness itself: unity with Divine Essence.

Understanding that Awareness is the actual basis of all relative existence places the Cosmos in its proper context, and it points the finger of responsibility for self-realization and cooperation where it belongs: directly pointed at YOU.