There are several ways to fall from grace
Unconsciously, we lose our faith

From time to time, we lose our pace
In the challenges that we face

For several days I count the ways
Unconsciously, I lose my place

Observing, taking notice of
The ways my mind plays its game

The root of all evil seems impossible to trace
We sacrifice our own lives to live in its embrace

Forever is so long, forever moving on
Forever must become today, or we’ll never find our way

The root of all evil lies in your own mind
We sacrifice our own lives, and others’ lives in kind

Forever is no more, forever ever more
Forever must become today, or you’ll never find a way

Life is an illusion, but life is also real
There’s no denying the consequence of the feelings that you feel

Thoughts they may betray us
Thoughts aren’t always just

You must learn to lay your mind to rest
To find the thoughts that you can trust