Be yourself, and let others be,
neither flee, nor leap precipitously

Lament not failure, from this you grow,
and accept it when you do not know

Fulfill your duties while embracing change,
and stand your ground when things get strange

Through nobility and humility
one finds bravery and curiosity

From this comes responsibility and sympathy,
fostering both tenacity and spontaneity

Integrity may seem like a mystery,
but it is well within your ability

Avoid not an excess of passion,
yet always temper it with discretion

Strive to be impeccable without fail
then you shall never fall, in spite of all

If you may stumble, or lose your way
Simply seek once more without delay

Truth’s within, yet betwixt all things
The melody that the Cosmos sings

Memorize this fateful tune
and Integrity will surely find you soon