Grace is in place
Reflected in your face
of the fall, naught but a trace

within the seed of darkness is light
within division, connection
within paradox, certainty

what am I to do
with the glowing
ghost of you

what am I do say
to insure this feeling
I’ll not betray

where am I to go?
You are everywhere, I know
Darkness, light, flux and all

Several routes lead to a dream
Several signs and several screams
Several roads which may betray

Several paths that will delay
Several nights, and several days
Several truths, and several ways

Within all these routes
what stays the same?
It is for this precious thing
that we play the game

When I am wrong, it is myself I blame
Error, the source of every shame
Yet the very identity, at time disdained
Is that same truth I would attain

Proximity of the impossible
sheds light on what we are
the moon reflects the light
of every shining star

connection is evidence of existence
even when, as amateurs,
we handle it improperly
by grasping that tool from the wrong end

let us be one whilst we do entwine
for when facing, the mirror lies
and we lose track of every rhyme

if we look in the same direction
that is when we are truly one
never mind where we came from
for that’s already done

the basis blends together
when focused on this goal
the mind is simply the means
for a fusion of the soul