The purpose of life is to discover what you are
In death, we are life itself
that moment fused with eternity,
all-embracing presence
the timeless now,
the progenitor of all particulars

the unborn and the inscrutable
the intimate and familiar
the blissful and terrifying
undeniable reality

love flows between individuals
when they open to one another
but love itself
is what they are

infinity within the literal
the unity of time and the timeless
the philosopher’s stone
at the heart of existence

no adjuncts, nothing external
no crutches, nothing to cling to
no goal, no purpose
forever filled with presence

in a state of tension
waiting expectantly for nothing in particular
like a hunter in his blind
thus meditate on the Self

Asking only, “Who am I”?
While knowing that you are not
anything that can be perceived
or defined