First you must forget all that you know.
Within the source of knowledge appear all possibilities,
let go of your position and the twilight state appears.
Without definition, without limitation
that which is undefined is the origin of definite things.
Wisdom is the transcendence of knowledge,
a total eclipse of the need to interpret and understand.

Seeking the transformation that comes from recognition of self,
you flicker like an uncertain flame,
awareness of your existence constantly waxing and waning.
Having known even for a moment what is, the fire cannot die.
In time it will certainly become a bright and shining light.

Moments of abidance in reality alternate with identification with illusion,
yet the awakening of the validity of being is now certain.
Resistance engendered by the echo of a false identity
cannot withstand the presence of what you truly are.

With conviction, abide in totality, commit to the search for what you already are.
Embrace the knowledge that what truly is is none other than your own self.
Faith is the only surety of success, because any action taken is in the wrong direction.
Can action taken by the shadow affect the origin of light?

Open yourself to surrender control, and thereby achieve true mastery.
The mind bargains with its source, yet this identity is but a mask among many,
true will appears only through release of that which is false.

The powers of nature have conspired to place you in this moment.
Let go, for desire is only the space between intention and fulfillment
Become the very thing you seek by immediately recognizing what you are.
Truth is calling, truth is within you. Knowledge must be abandoned.

The challenge of existence is to solve the mystery of Self.
The invisible gateway that returns you to your origin
is in the space between all definition
Before the beginning, and after the end,
there is nothing external upon which you may depend.
Immediacy of awareness, undivided and ever-present.

The fixed identity that is not transcended
is like the egg containing the chick that does not hatch.
This identity will resist, it is its nature to resist.
The eggshell is inflexible in order to protect what it holds.

This resistance will disappear when it is seen as unnecessary.
It is only the persistence of a loyal illusion.
Neither follow in the direction of resistance, nor struggle against it,
only abide in the in-between space of possibility.

The hen hatches her eggs by abiding,
the Self appears by its own Nature.
No amount of writhing within the egg will change this,
and to crack the shell haphazardly is foolhardy indeed.