There once was a labyrinth.
It was not just any old sequence
of confusing paths and corridors,
but was instead a mighty maze of incredible puzzlement.

Within that labyrinth lived rocks, trees, insects,
animals and people of various shapes and sizes.
Very few of these beings knew that they lived in a labyrinth,
and few knew where they came from and where they were going.

Some of them were happy, and some of them were very sad.
Some were completely unaware of the maze around them,
and some had a sneaking suspicion that “something” was going on,
although they could not put their fingers on it.

A few of these people had discovered
the nature of the world around them,
and sought to solve the puzzles inherent in its nature.
Even fewer had solved the labyrinth,
and their fellows would not listen to their tales.

Some dastardly beings had recognized
that they were in a maze,
and rather than attempting to solve it,
they instead chose to become part of the puzzle,
thus adding to the chambers of confusion.

These sowers of confusion
took the words of those who solved the labyrinth
and perverted them, twisted them to their own ends,
turning them against their purpose.

At times they made prisons within the labyrinth, mazes within mazes
They used words as a means of enslavement, and devised many irrational laws.

At times works of art appeared that attempted to tell
the inhabitants of the labyrinth of their situation.
These were often popular, but generally dismissed as fantasy.

The sowers of confusion were usually able to distort these works,
inserting confusion and misinformation into them.

The sowers of confusion imagined themselves to be masters of the world.
Little did they know that they were being used by the labyrinth itself,
and that their activities and position were only part of its design.

Later, many of their descendants forgot about the labyrinth entirely,
yet continued to follow in the ways of their ancestors.

Some of the beings who had escaped the labyrinth
tried to send messages back inside,
but these often were not noticed or simply ignored,
since they did not follow the structure of the labyrinth.
When they were noticed, they were often misinterpreted.

The walls of the labyrinth were bound together by fear
The patterns organized by confusion
Structure maintained by creating a sense of powerlessness
and the secrets of the labyrinth were held by Death.

One of the key ingredients in the labyrinth was conformity.
When by happy chance, a solitary wanderer realized that he or she was in a labyrinth,
and returned to their friends and family to tell them about it,
None of them would believe such a fantastic story.
Only those who had seen the labyrinth hiding under the world would listen to such words.

The illogic underlying the labyrinth reversed similarity and dissimilarity
Making what was the same different and what was different the same.
The people believed they were separate, when it was convenient.
And that they were different, when too, it was convenient.

The labyrinth shifted and transformed constantly,
all the while mimicking the patterns of the legitimate existence beyond it.
Because, after all, the labyrinth was formed of the stuff of the true world
and could never completely divest itself of this origin.

On rare occasions, some adventurous souls learned how to manipulate the labyrinth
and to allow others to perceive its true nature
They were called wizards, alchemists, adepts, warrior-priests
And hinted at the possibilities of life beyond the labyrinth

Others spontaneously recognized the structure of the labyrinth
without necessarily understanding what it was,
some were no longer able to function inside the maze
They were called insane, crazy, aberrant, trapped in the walls of confusion

Many of the sowers of confusion lied about the world in the labyrinth
Saying it was a punishment, that the inhabitants of the labyrinth
were sinful or cursed, and deserved to be enslaved
some had been lying so long that the no longer remembered the truth.

Others made their fortunes on false solutions
offered to those who had discovered the maze
But were unsure of how to act upon their knowledge
Offering a map to the maze, which was in no way genuine
Many of these sowers of confusion knew that they did not know the way

Yet still others truly believed
hat they knew the ways of the labyrinth
and through sheer persistence,
many were able to make use of their imperfect maps to free themselves

The most important piece of wisdom
that the dwellers in the labyrinth had forgotten
was that they had created the maze themselves.
Additionally, they had forgotten the reasons for its creation.
Most of them had done this on purpose.

Some willingly forgot in order to accept the challenge of the labyrinth
Some wanted to hide themselves from their true nature
Some entered the labyrinth for entertainment
Some as a grand experiment
Rarely, a person entered the labyrinth recalling the world outside

The labyrinth mirrors your expectations
Woe to those who believe the labyrinth is evil
Joy to those who remember its purpose

To begin to recognize the labyrinth
and to discover the world beneath
You must break the labyrinth’s spell
To function, the maze requires participation.
If you refuse to participate,
you will slowly recognize the labyrinth beneath the world

Unless you were educated by those who understood the labyrinth,
Everything that you have learned as a child is part of the spell
Your family, your friends, school, toys, entertainment
the language you learned, your environment
all are part and parcel of the labyrinth’s structure

Teachers uphold the labyrinth, because it is all they know
The religious uphold the labyrinth in hopes of eternal salvation
The immoral uphold the labyrinth by substantiating its dangers
The sowers of confusion enforce ignorance of the labyrinth,
because this is how they profit

Words are a primary component of the labyrinth’s spell
The stream of thoughts inside your mind is part of the labyrinth.
It tells you who you are, and if you believe, it IS who you are:
just another part of the labyrinth, helpless to change your fate.

Control your thoughts and the labyrinth will change
Stop your thoughts and the labyrinth will disappear.
The center of the labyrinth is not really in the center.
But the blueprint of the labyrinth is there.

When you step out of the labyrinth it will be difficult to orient yourself
Like a child who is learning how to crawl
Eventually you will learn to walk
and one by one, the mysteries of existence will be understood.