Eternal silence begets a spontaneous question arising within boundless space it claims a strong identity THIS, embraced eternally and expressed endlessly circumscribed with possibility moving forth relentlessly fragments fusing constantly shaped by pure necessity We are motivated by this dance, and yet must integrate the expanse, Focusing upon the task at hand, Releasing preconceptions upon demand. The elements in their intent Unto seekers their powers lent, To forge a balance transcending time, balance between the heart and the mind. actuality, indomitable and whole reflected in nature’s fractured frame reveals itself, majesty of power and love when we are able to call its name Surrendering the mind, Surrendering the body, Surrendering identity, The sage is existence Tarot Trumps 0: The Fool 1: The Magus 2: The Empress 3: The Emperor 4: The Priestess 5: The Priest 6: The Lovers 7: The Chariot 8: Fortitude/Strength 9: Hanged Man 10: The Wheel 11: The Hermit 12: Balance / Justice 13: Temperance 14: Death 15: The Moon 16: The Sun 17: The Star 18: The Devil 19: The Tower 20: Judgment 21: The Universe