In regards to the Natural Synarchy (and in Integral Networks) the Essential Aspects serve as fundamental imperatives. The Aspects are ubiquitous throughout these systems, they are hyper-intentional (being present in all levels of Nature despite any relative modes of intention), and they always function the same way at all levels of the system.

To illustrate this concept of Synarchic Imperatives we will use a standard playing card deck.

In a standard poker deck, the inherent imperatives of the system are the four Suits (Clubs, Spades, Hearts, and Diamonds), as well as the numbers 2-10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace. In contrast, the specific cards are combinatory instances of that system.

The four Suits are the heterarchical imperatives of the playing card system (being present on all levels of the system) and the numbers (including trump cards) are the hierarchical imperatives.

Note that the Ace card (representing both 1 and 14) illustrates the relative identity between achieving the highest level of the system and simultaneously the mastery of its lowest level.

In the Natural Synarchy, and in Integral Networks, The Essential Aspects are the heterarchical imperatives. They are present at every level of the system, and are invariant in their qualities at every level of the system.

The hierarchical imperatives of a Synarchy depend upon the particular system in question. In the case of Nature itself, the prime hierarchical imperatives are the three levels of Awareness (Cognition, Consciousness, and Awareness itself).

Subsets of Nature contain lesser hierarchical imperatives, while still maintaining the Essential Aspects as heterarchical imperatives. Each form of Cognition has its own set of hierarchical imperatives.

A working knowledge of the Essential Aspects is the key component of successful cooperation. An understanding of the Levels of Awareness is crucial for understanding the hierarchy of Nature.

Integralism aims to focus on these crucial facets of existence, while disregarding unimportant, unnecessary, and contradictory diversions.