The Essential Aspect Orienting Modes

The Orienting Modes provide a basic model for decision-making and creative activity.

First, Articulate: Define the content. Isolate and identify it as precisely as possible. What is the situation, goal, idea, plan?

Then, Associate: Determine the context. Orient the content to its environment. What are the contingencies, the history, and relationships involving the content?

Execute or Examine: Having defined the content and the context, decide: is it time to take action, or is more information needed?

Execute: Take action upon the external situation. Work with, create, influence, subdue.

Examine: Seek understanding. Analyze, observe, research, find more information.


Repeat: This works, let’s keep doing it. Reinforce, maintain, habitualize, codify.

Restrict: This is either a problem, or it doesn’t work. Limit, restrain, discontinue, eliminate.


Adopt: This is valuable, useful, or desirable. Recruit, include, incorporate, accommodate.

Adapt: This is an issue to either change, or change with. Lets go around it or transform it. Modify, predict, avoid, negotiate.

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