The War Within: Integralism As Conscious Revolution

In today’s world, meaning itself is generally treated as an irrelevant anachronism. Social engineers of every stripe claim to pursue unity or peace, while simultaneously undermining the very principles that could potentially create unity or peace through their actions.

False and degrading signals from the society at large undermine the individual Will at virtually every turn. Falsity has been enshrined in human society as normal and desirable, and there are countless pitfalls hidden in the social world to ensnare the genuine individual.

Integralists strive for a fundamental understanding of Nature and its origins. In the modern world, applying oneself to the such a meaningful quest is tantamount to rebellion against the system and its prevailing narrative.

A crucial aim of Integralism is to abolish “belief” entirely, replacing it with sure, accurate knowledge, or “faith”. Integralism challenges nearly every cherished concept of modern social “consensus”: the post-modern viewpoint of functional materialism, as well as the dogmas of “scientism”, politics, and religion. Established patterns of behavior and belief in all sectors of the social order are disrupted by its tenets.

The Integralist is a revolutionary, and field of battle is, first and foremost, an internal one. This strife consists of the struggle between the authentic being within and the false identity provided through the signals in the social environment. One must first realize that the extant system uses every trick at its disposal in order to obscure the authentic being that is its prisoner.

The inauthentic persona; that “person” who was infused with contradictory beliefs and attitudes, is the true adversary in this struggle. By engaging in this “war within”, we may undermine the corruption of the social order through the very act of reclaiming a genuine identity. For it is the regenerated faculty of Will (Consciousness as the expression of an activated Soul) that is necessary for preservation of what is valuable, both in general and specific contexts.

The renunciation of the Integralist is not asceticism (a rejection of the world), but a disavowal of illusion. The false images projected by the system, and internalized as “personality”, must be defeated.

Pursuing an unbiased acceptance of truth, however uncomfortable that truth may be, allows for a more immediate embracing of what was previously rejected, and a more passionate avowal of held principles that resonate with truth.

As authentic Conscious beings, we can more readily maintain ourselves, our people, and our environment. The means of the expression of this new-found Awareness is, of course, unique to the predilection of the individual.

It is only through the expansion of Awareness that the problems we face may be understood correctly, and eventually solved. We must endeavor to reject false ideas and comforting illusions, while affirming that which is beneficial and true.

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