The Essential Aspect Roles

Function Names

Sections with an opposite preference begin with the same letter (M for Manipulation vs Mediation, and O for Operation vs Observation). Additionally, Divisions with an opposite preference begin with the same letter (R for Regulation vs Reconciliation, C for Correction vs Conservation). This is helpful for memorizing the relationships between the Functions.

The Integral Roles

Each role is composed of four preferences, those also being a combination of one of the four Sections and one of the four Divisions. Roles, when grouped by and within a specific Division, begin with the same letter: A for Regulators, P for Conservators, I for Correctors, and M for Reconcilers.

The sixteen roles are listed here, organized by Division:


Administrator (Manipulation & Regulation = Independent, Assertive, Critical, & Resilient)

Arbitrator (Mediation & Regulation = Interdependent, Receptive, Critical, & Resilient)

Authorizer (Operation & Regulation = Interdependent, Assertive, Critical, & Resilient)

Analyzer (Observation & Regulation = Independent, Receptive, Critical, & Resilient)


Ministrator (Manipulation & Reconciliation = Independent, Assertive, Tolerant, & Flexible)

Motivator (Mediation & Reconciliation = Interdependent, Receptive, Tolerant, & Flexible)

Mobilizer (Operation & Reconciliation = Interdependent, Assertive, Tolerant, & Flexible)

Moderator (Observation & Reconciliation = Independent, Receptive, Tolerant, & Flexible)


Protector (Manipulation & Conservation = Independent, Assertive, Tolerant, & Resilient)

Promoter (Mediation & Conservation = Interdependent, Receptive, Tolerant, & Resilient)

Provider (Operation & Conservation = Interdependent, Assertive, Tolerant, & Resilient)

Preserver (Observation & Conservation = Independent, Receptive, Tolerant, & Resilient)


Investigator (Manipulation & Correction = Independent, Assertive, Critical, & Flexible)

Interpreter (Mediation & Correction = Interdependent, Receptive, Critical, & Flexible)

Improviser (Operation & Correction = Interdependent, Assertive, Critical, & Flexible)

Inspector (Observation & Correction = Independent, Receptive, Critical, & Flexible)

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