Cultivation of Awareness as Revolution

No amount of political wrangling, armed or unarmed struggle, social programs, religious or moral initiatives will aid our survival in any significant way unless we can also cultivate Awareness.

This is not to say that the various forms of social organization fail entirely. Obviously, groups of like-minded people often produce good works. However, the machinery of “social justice” can just as easily become a device engendering evil and suffering, as has happened time and time again throughout history.

Existing social institutions are largely mechanisms of enslavement. To once again suggest and implement an alternative social program within the existing paradigm, as has happened countless times throughout history, will not solve the fundamental dilemma at the heart of social ills. Such suggestions may be potentially valuable, but they are simply band-aids that are attempting to heal a serious wound.

It is only when social structures are devised by truly Conscious individuals that they can truly achieve their purpose. Only a revolution of Awareness can get us out of this mess: a true revolution of personal responsibility, identity, and organization.

We need to become immunized to propaganda and manipulation. We need to be Aware of just who and what we are, what we are capable of, and how we got here. We need to be both idealistic in our adherence to truth, and realistic in applying that truth to our current situation.

The lowest common denominator of Awareness among us must be raised. Only the expansion of Awareness can save us from destruction. The concerns of philosophers and metaphysicians are not simply idle pursuits, but rather are crucial endeavors to enable the salvation of our species and the preservation of life on this planet.

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