Meaning & Purpose

Today, we live in a constantly changing world, where tradition has been abandoned. The foundation (if there can even be said to be one) shifts from hour to hour. Myriad forms of the corruption of truth and beauty run rampant.

With the advent of the information age, human beings are becoming increasingly bombarded with a torrent of information, one that grows with every moment, containing an astonishing amount of information entirely irrelevant to any significant purpose.

We must persistently navigate through this vast sea of information, where myriad ideas constantly compete for our attention. The useful content in this “sea of information” is diluted with irrelevancy, deception, meaninglessness, outdated information, misdirection, and profit-mongering.

At any given moment, we may be subjected to advertisements, political overtures, scientific discoveries, the latest entertainment, religious claims, celebrity gossip, food and fashion fads, rumors of disaster and crisis. Everyone appears to either have something to sell, or something that they must convince you to believe.

This chaos, when combined with social and economic pressures, often leads to a life mired in illusion, addiction, alienation, equivocation, debt, and a general detachment from the genuine. Understanding our relationship to the Cosmos, and to each other, is essential for extricating ourselves from this situation.

Instructions NOT Included

We come into this world without guidance. We have no instruction manual, nor map and compass.

Those elders who are meant to teach us the ways of the world often lack wisdom and direction. They are also groping in the dark in order to orient themselves, without any significant purpose to guide them.

Despite this situation, our existence is not without meaning or purpose. It is only that this purpose is obscured. This obscurity is, in itself, not without purpose. Sometimes we must forget in order to learn, we must make mistakes in order to find the best way.

Human beings manufacture their own meaning, and this meaning is relative to the experience of the individual. The concordance of meaning and purpose is the vision of the individual, and is not meant to be homogenized or centralized, but to be employed in a synergy of personal aims and group benefit.

Connection & Discrimination

Separation and distinction in relative manifestation exist in order for Divinity to explore unique perspectives. As expressions of Divine Essence, individual entities serve the purpose of diverse expression. While taking into account the fundamental unity of all beings, we must avoid blindly discarding critical or discriminatory attitudes.

A key purpose of Integralism is to awaken the individual Will, thus engendering a corresponding emergence of higher Consciousness. This Consciousness is an experience of the energetic realities of the Cosmos, undiluted by the fixation of mere Cognition.

An inevitable consequence of this experience is the recognition of the interdependence of all life, yet it also reveals the necessity of honest evaluation and discrimination.

This is what is required: both Power and Love, as twin manifestations of genuine intention. To set out on the Integral path is to instigate an inner revolution, one of personal power and freedom, combined with responsibility and interconnectedness.

Integralism is for the individual, yet it is not a selfish pursuit, for the wellspring of truth is universal. When one draws from this well, this amplifies the reservoir held within. Each individual then may share the water, leading others to the well, perpetuating its limitless bounty.

The principles of Integralism are an antidote to the poison of a society founded on ignorance, confusion, and strife. These principles can bridge the ideological rifts of the past, and provide a basis for the culture of the future.

Nature discriminates, but also aids. Therefore, Integralism incorporates both tolerance and exclusion; it is not fundamentally a practice of strict exclusion or dogmatic equality.

The Lexicon of the Soul

Integralism does not offer false hope and convenient deceptions. It does not offer an easy way out. Such lies prevent you from doing the necessary work for the development of the self and of communities.

Integralism does not offer a “belief system”. It provides a new means of describing your experience, a new way of organizing society, and a means of genuinely orienting yourself to the world. If anything, Integralism is an anti-belief, a belief system antidote, intending to aid you in discarding the unnecessary.

The basis of Integralism is entirely Natural, therefore its truths are already in your grasp. Integralism simply offers a method and framework for revealing what you already possess. In order to communicate, a common language is required.

The current situation is akin to the result of the shattered Tower of Babel. We require a “lexicon of the Soul”: a common parlance, a foundation that allows for both individual freedom and communal sharing. This is an understanding, that, when internalized, heals wounds, dissolves bonds, inspires, and strengthens purpose.

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