The Essential Gestures

The Essential Gestures are movements intended to synchronize the individual with the Essential Aspects, shifting and balancing the individual Consciousness. This sort of technique may not be for everyone, but it is provided here for those who may be interested.

A major benefit of this basic set of Gestures is that the set is easy to learn and remember. The set also may be practiced in a relatively small area and short space of time (but don’t rush!).

Finding the appropriate attitude associated with each Gesture is as important as the physical movement itself. Practice the attitudes until they come naturally.

Breathing is also important. Generally, breathe in while making the movement, and breathe out at the end point of the movement (breathing in, you are holding the Energy that is being moved, breathing out, you are releasing or anchoring it). Hold the end point at least until you have fully exhaled.

The order can be reversed and the starting point can be different. There are natural cycles to the movements. Using specific gestures and cycles can be used for different purposes. The cycle below is the basis, and is good for re-establishing balance.


“Horse Stance”
  • Quiet your thoughts.
  • If you are versed in creating a sacred space field, do so.
  • Enter the Ready Stance (the so-called “Horse Stance”): Stand and place your feet widely at your sides comfortably, about halfway to the fullest possible extension.
  • Let your arms fall loosely to your sides without touching the sides, release tension.
  • Loosen up: With your hands still at your sides, take a moment to vigorously shake your hands “horizontally” – twisting the wrist along its axis (not moving the hands up and down).
Gesture of Spirit
  • Make the “Gesture of Spirit” to prepare the main Energy Gates of the body: This is a neutral gesture similar to a traditional prayer pose, made at the center of the body:
  • First at forehead, palms and fingertips touching, fingertips facing upward, then at heart, palms and fingertips touching, fingertips facing upward, then at the navel, same gesture, except fingertips point downward.

The Essential Gestures

1. Aspect: Interdependency (Absence): Encompassing the World

Movement: Both arms raised above the head, each out to the widest reach, fingers outstretched, as if they reach out to the vast expanse of space.

Attitude: Total release, openness, letting Energy move to the farthest distance without resistance. You are the great mystery, and it does not need to be solved.

2. Aspect: Flexibility: Bridging the World

Movement: Hands outstretched to sides at level of heart, fingers loosely split, fingertips pointed upward, like holding oneself up between two walls at the sides. Arms are not extended out to full tension, only just before full tension.

Attitude: Responsiveness, adaptability. You are a conduit between co-existing states, a bridge. Energy both moves both in and out freely.

3. Aspect: Receptivity: Probing the World

Movement: Hands at front at the level of the heart, fingers loosely split, fingertips slightly curved. Legs slightly (comfortably) bent. Like Attitude for a wall you cannot see, a wall that is soft and permeable. The palms are like leaves taking in the sunlight.

Attitude: Curiosity, sensing Energy. Intuition. Attitude for what is “out there” – as a whole, rather than in tiny pieces.

4. Aspect: Tolerancy: Embracing The World

Movement: Hands out in front of the body, close to the center, palms upward, both hand edges touching. The fingers are curled inwards and moved towards the chest, as if one was pulling a solid bar towards the center of the body at the level of the heart.

Also akin to holding another’s clasped hands and pulling them to you. Sense those invisible “hands” or the “bar” you are grasping. Elbows remain bent at the end of movement, and rest on the base of the lungs. Also at the end of the movement, shoulders are slightly raised inward and upward, as if in excitement.

Attitude: A wholehearted “yes”. Letting the Energy into the heart. Accepting, wanting, beckoning. The world is yours to enjoy.

5. Aspect: Independency (Presence): Claiming the World

Movement: Both hands clutching a fist 3-5” in front of the heart. The left hand mainly holds the energy (at heart) while the right hand mirrors the motion. The movement is halfway between the Embracing and Enduring movements.

Attitude: Fervently squeezing one’s heart like it is the universe itself: holding on to Presence, the “here-and-now”. Your existence is your own to hold.

6. Aspect: Resiliency: Enduring the World

Movement: Fists clenched against the chest, with thumb at top, hands touching, at the level of the heart.

Attitude: Determination. You will claim what is yours, and tenaciously protect it. Feel your solidity: you are stable, tenacious, you can weather the storms of time. Holding the center.

7. Aspect: Assertivity: Shaping the World

Movement: Fists clenched against the body, with thumb at top, hands touching, at the level of the stomach. Similar to a body-builder’s “flexing” motion.

Attitude: Passion, ability, strength to work one’s will. You are capable of creating change, as well as pursuing what you desire.

8. Aspect: Criticality: Resisting the World

Movement: A slightly crouched (almost pouncing) defensive posture. Pushing away with hands outstretched at the level of the stomach, fingers split, fingertips barely curved.

Attitude: Rejecting with the body, releasing. Eliminating the unwanted, decisively pushing away all that is harmful. You have the right to say “no”.

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