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Limited time free download of INTEGRALISM by Elsydeon – this text explains the core tenets of Integralism (also known as Synarchic Integralism, Integral Synarchism, and Cultural Integralism).


The Story

At the heart of Nature itself there are certain fundamental, primordial principles, which are often described as Natural Laws or Elements. They have been known by many different names, and have been described in countless ways throughout history.

These Essential Aspects are the very keystones of the Cosmos, being both the building blocks of existence itself, as well as illustrating primal attitudes of being.

Integralism is a means of achieving understanding of the Essential Aspects, and their effects.

Integralism endorses a cultural mode known as synarchy. This simply means “ruling together”. It is a term referring to primal tendency of Nature to express itself through both heterarchical or “peer-driven”, and heirarchical or “status-driven” means. The true “ruler” rules through synarchy, though the emulation of nature itself, whether a “ruler” simply rules oneself, their group, their country, or even the world.

Integralism is focused on the transcendence of the divide between politics and religion, recognizing that both are inherently contained within the lens of Natural law and synarchy, when those modes of expression are aligned with the organizing principles of the Cosmos.

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